In learning how to study for a test, you first need to know what you’re being tested on. Pay attention to any worksheets and study notes you received, and all the notes you took during lectures. Put all sheets from each class or chapter in a separate folder so that everything you need is all together. You can even color-code your folders, with one color for each subject. This will help when you’re on the run, so you can grab only the folder(s) you need.

How to Study for a Test Online

Look over everything. Check over the chapters in the textbook that the test covers. Check your notes for the same chapters, making sure they cover everything that the test will. Highlight or mark any information that is especially important.

Make a study sheet on your PC. Take only a few minutes; don’t waste study time making beautiful study sheets. Spend that time in learning how to study for a test.

Research your topic. Jot your answers with short phrases; don’t worry about complete senses just now.

Go to a quiet place with few distractions. Pick a place ahead of time, so you can get there and get down to work.

Study your questions over and over, until you feel like you know them perfectly.

Quiz yourself, going over and over the questions until you have them down pat. Do this everywhere, anytime you have extra time.

Ask for a blank study guide. Fill in the answers like you were taking a test. It’s a great way to be prepared.

Find a method that works for you. If it means using your iPod for studying or using flash cards, don’t let people distract you. You’ll do better on the test.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Study any subjects that you have tests scheduled in. Schedule yourself breaks for stretching or grabbing a snack.

Make study notes from the notes you took in class. Highlight important points.

Don’t think about anything else, while you’re studying. Keep your mind tightly focused on the subject to be tested.

If you have time in class, because you’re done with that day’s assignment, go over the material you’ll be tested on, to make sure you understand it fully.

Give your study sheet to a friend and have them use it to quiz you.

Try putting on some classical music while you study.

Start a study group with some other students – some who are struggling, some who are having an easy time with the class. The group will be able to give you a feel for where you stand on knowing the material.

Make games out of the material you’re studying and have a competition, like Jeopardy.

Review the terms you’re being studied on right before you go to bed.

Record the information you’re having trouble with on tape, and play it over and over, to help the test information stick in your mind.

Look over the notes the DAY you take them, and many times after that, so that the information will be easy to retrieve at test-time. How to study for a test is somewhat a personal choice, but it is a very important choice.


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