Every college student has that one class that he or she cannot get the hang of. You might be struggling with your software developer courses, history courses, language courses, English courses, or whatever else you are taking at this time.

Studying With the Help of Online Tutor

No matter what your schedule looks like, you should be able to find some sort of tutor that will work with you to understand the materials. You just have to know where to look at what to look for. Here are some tips to help you find a good tutor so you can get through college with your head on straight.

How to Find a Good Tutor

A good tutor is going to be someone who has a lot of experience in a subject. This person may already have a degree in the subject, or he may just know a lot about it, to begin with. If you can manage to find someone with a background in teaching, he or she will provide the ideal solution for you.

Otherwise, you may have to just look for people on campus or online who can help you out. Don’t be afraid to work with someone over the internet, as that may be a more convenient option for both of you. As long as you get the studying help you need for school, the venue for your tutoring should not matter.

You may ask your professors about suggestions for your tutor because they might know of someone who can help you out. If they don’t, they may at least be able to hook you up with a learning center so you can start testing out your tutoring options. You could ask your friends for suggestions as well and see if any of them have good experiences with a tutor from their past. If so, you will just need to get some contact information and start looking for your perfect educational match. There is someone out there to work with. You just have to make an effort to find him or her.

What You Might Pay for Tutoring Services

In some rare instances, you may be able to snag some tutoring for free. This is usually the case when a teacher’s assistant runs a quick study session before a big exam. If you need more help than that, you need to be prepared to pay for it. The rates you might have to pay will vary from one tutor to the next, so you may just have to explore your options. Here is a look at the average pay rates for tutoring services nowadays:

Average Rates by Years of Experience

Less than 1 year of experience: $7.93 – $20.19 per hour
1-4 years of experience: $8.18 – $29.01 per hour
5-9 years of experience: $9.82 – $41.18 per hour
10-19 years of experience: $12.45 – $52.01 per hour
20 years or more of experience: $12.53 – $58.47 per hour

Average Rates by Location

California: $9.04 – $31.04 per hour
Florida: $8.13 – $30.77 per hour
Illinois: $8.54 – $49.55 per hour
New Jersey: $7.70 – $46.64 per hour
New York: $9.59 – $50.68 per hour
Ohio: $7.57 – $29.42 per hour
Texas: $9.64 – $40.73 per hour


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