The first week of school is quickly approaching for most college students, and for some, this is just a week to relax before the “fun” begins. If you are planning to just sit back and chill though, you may want to consider starting your studying now.

Start Studying the First Week of University

This is going to give you a jump start in class, and it will allow you to make the most of the time you have in school. There are tons of benefits that come along with studying early, so you definitely need to keep this in mind whenever the first day of school rolls around. Here are some of the many reasons why you need to start studying as early as possible.

Impress the Instructors

By studying before you actually have to, you will know what to expect in your classes. That way when a professor asks a question in class, you will have an idea of how to answer it. If you do this enough, you will be able to get on the professor’s good side. This may not seem like a big deal now, but it could impact the grade you get in the future. As much as we all want to think that instructors don’t pick favorites, they do. It is your job to make sure you are on that favorite list so you can get the best grades possible in class.

Leave Room for Error

Something always seems to go wrong in college that causes you to fall behind on your work. I have experienced this countless times over, and it usually takes a while for me to recover. If you are able to get ahead on your studies though, you will be able to leave a little room for mistakes. If something goes wrong, you will already be caught up enough to get through it. This is a wise plan to follow in the rest of your life to ensure that you are always one step ahead. This could keep you on track for a long time in the future.

Know If You Want to Drop a Class

You only have a week to drop or add a class without any loss whatsoever, so you need to make a decision about your classes as soon as possible. If you start studying early, you will be able to determine if you want to switch classes within that timeframe. This may even help you determine if you want to change schools or not, depending on what you want to do. You just have to know what you are getting yourself into to figure out if you actually want to go through with it.

Prepare Your Questions

If you study early on, you will be able to prepare questions for your professor related to any information you don’t understand in class. That way you can get your problems solved from the start and move on to the next pieces of information. If you procrastinate when you study, you may not have a chance to get your questions answered before you go in for a big test. Rather than throwing questions up on Yahoo! Answers and hoping for the best, you just need to be prepared ahead of time.

I know that studying early isn’t exactly an ideal way to spend the first week of school, but it is something you should definitely try. While other students are trying to soak up the last bit of freedom they have, you could be securing a good GPA for this semester. This is a great use of your time, and it will certainly pay off in the end.


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