A new online education program to help the old GP and acute pain, which affects millions of people to a growing Australian economy and cost millions each year to treat the problem will be developed.

Newly Online Training Program to Fishing Tackle Painfulness Australia

Pain Medicine (UK), Australia and New Zealand College of Anesthetists (ANZCA) and general practitioners (RACGP) of the Royal Australian College faculty have partnered to address this need, and BUPA Health Foundation awarded a $ 200,000 grant an online learning to help GPs treat people with chronic and acute pain program development.

FPM Vice Dean Dr. Brendan Moore said Australia faced a number of chronic pain to be 5 million by 2050, 3.2 million Australians in 2007 when the economy was estimated to cost 34.4 billion dollars a year was estimated. The most common conditions are osteoarthritis and low back pain.

“Effects of chronic pain patients not only physically but mentally and socially, mental illness, relationship breakdown and loss of employment as other aspects leading to the debilitating,” Dr. Moore said.

“Primary health care professionals to educate patients in the acute phase of pain treated better by their disease developed a chronic condition to be. May be less”

RACGP President Professor Claire Jackson said by general practitioners and other primary care professionals to improve treatment of chronic pain patients to reduce the burden on secondary and tertiary care facilities, they need more intense treatment will allow patients to focus on .

“GP inconsistent approach to the current pain management education and the message that both service providers and confusion for patients with different production,” Professor Jackson said.

“Pain medicine and pain management network offered by the Faculty RACGP synergy clinical knowledge in this part of the world in a unique pivot internationally, and we are excited by the possibilities ..

“The online education program to ensure consistent education and regional and rural health care professionals to improve access to quality information.”

Program ready by late next year and RACGP gp learning online learning platform, which metropolitan and rural GPs, registrars and medical students will be delivered by accessible. The RACGP to educational quality assurance standards will be recognized, given six training modules, and include interactive elements and animated images.

Dr. Moore said the FPM and the RACGP to all elements of the project will maintain strict editorial control.

“I will help this generous grant is an innovative new tool to improve outcomes for patients with chronic pain and pain management to develop best practice will ensure BUPA Health Foundation would like to thank,” he said .

Dr. Moore also assist Jansen Australia who helped coordinate the grant application accepted. He stressed Jansen and BUPA Australia Health Foundation will be no impact on educational materials.


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