I’m a huge supporter of using your free time to study. I think that is a wise thing to do, and I would never discourage anyone from doing so. However, I do know the damage that can come from over-studying.

It’s Christmas People – Take a Break!
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If you work yourself to the bone just to retain information, you are eventually going to explode. This article is written for the overachievers out there that just can’t seem to put the books down. You have to use your break to actually take a break. Here are a few reasons why it may be time to step away from the books long enough to enjoy your time off.

Avoiding a Huge Burnout

I used to be a workaholic, more so than I am now. I would literally get two hours a sleep at night just trying to juggle my architecture classes and workload at the same time. Eventually, it all got to be too much for me and just gave up on everything. It has taken me over a year to get back at a steady pace I can be proud of. That is what is known as a burnout my friends, and it is something you definitely want to avoid experiencing in the future. The less stressed you are now, the less likely you are to burn out early on.

Resting the Mind

If you want to be able to actually study for your forensic pathologist courses when the next semester rolls around, you need to let your mind rest. You can only shove so much in there for so long. Eventually, you have to pull the plug. By giving your mind a break, you will essentially clear out the storage space to make room for more information. Then you can actually study in the future without getting a major headache the second you look at the books. Take a break for now, and then you can get back to your studies when school starts.

Enjoying the Memories

As a college student, you likely don’t get to spend much time with your family. That is one of the downsides of being an adult. You just don’t get a chance to make the same memories you made as a child. If you take your break and actually use it the way it is supposed to be used, you will be able to make some of those memories again. You may not make as many as you did when you were a child, but you will have something to look back on.

Remembering the Past

This is also a good time to look back on holidays in the past and remember all the good times you shared with your family. Most people do not take enough time to reflect on their lives while they are in school because they are too busy focusing on their careers. You should take a break from all that and remember just how great your life used to be. I know this is getting a little on the mushy side, but you would be surprised by how much of a boost you can get from those memories. They may help you do better in the life you are living now.

Take this opportunity to truly enjoy the break you have. You don’t get many of them in school, and none of them are as long as the one you have now. By using your time wisely, you will have the best chance at studying well whenever you get back to school. Enjoy the holidays. The happiness is in the house.


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